MATUL Courses

Core Courses

TUL500 Writings, Reign, and Urban Realities: This course relates the biblical motif of the Kingdom of God to issues of leadership development in resource-poor urban communities.

TUL505 Language and Culture Acquisition: This course guides students in acquiring the knowledge and skills for independent language and culture learning within urban-poor communities.

TUL520 Urban Spirituality: An in-depth examination of human development and family life in the slum context, this course emphasizes the care and nurturing of resource-poor workers and the practical application of the spiritual disciplines.

TUL530 Building Faith Communities: This course applies a story-telling approach to the process of entering poor communities and developing holistic poor peoples� churches in ways faithful to the values and goals of the Kingdom of God.

TUL540 Urban Reality and Theology: This course aims to generate perspectives and tools for transformative urban mission.

TUL620 Leadership in Urban Movements: This course explores the dynamics of leadership within holistic, urban-poor movements.

TUL630 Community Transformation: Students explore the challenges, models of, and prospects for, transformational change within slum communities while developing a Christian framework for holistic development, organization, and advocacy among the urban poor and gaining facility in community asset mapping.

TUL640 Entrepreneurial and Organizational Leadership: This course introduces the concepts and skills of entrepreneurial and organizational leadership required to initiate new movement structures among the urban poor.

TUL670 Integration Seminar (Capstone Project): Students apply analytic frameworks and practical skills acquired through the program to an investigation of a specific issue on behalf of a community organization.


TUL550 Service to the Marginalized: This course guides students in understanding the conditions of marginalized populations and in formulating a theology and strategy for team-based responses that aim to free individuals and change structural causes.

TUL555 Educational Center Development: This course offers analysis of third world schooling with a focus on developing and improving preschool, elementary, and technical schools in the slums as integral to the work of urban poor churches.

TUL560 Theology and Practice of Community Economics: This course relates biblical and theological perspectives on human development to the theory and practice of community wealth building. Special emphasis is given to considering how working women in the slums might use micro-enterprises and individual development accounts to create a better environment for asset building and ownership.

TUL650 Primary Health Care: An exploration of public health challenges facing the Church within slum communities, along with innovative, community-based responses, this course highlights topics such as environmental health, maternal and child health, and chronic health conditions prevalent in slums. Students serve as mentored interns with a health organization in the community where they live or work.

TUL 655 Advocacy and the Urban Environment: Students examine the relations between urban poor communities, the land, and broader environmental problems including natural disasters. Fieldwork focuses on advocacy for adequate housing, infrastructure services, and effective disaster response.